That old familiar feeling


When you get that old familiar feeling that one that causes you to feel like you have been down this road before….

Is it wise to continue down that road if your experience has been that it doesn’t end well? I was talking with my best friend today discussing the patterns we seem to repeat in life and how hard it is to resist the temptation to cross that line again that we have purposely tired to avoid. We set up road blocks, developed new behaviors but still it is hard to recognize something that is not good for you sometimes till you are in the the middle of the wrong road again. That bandage you place over an open wound thinking it will soothe for awhile and get you by this rough path, it will be ok this time. You know deep down in your heart it isn’t ok, nothing can soothe an open wound only time to heal. So you climb back  behind your road blocks, turn begrudgingly and go the other direction.



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