Little~✿~BB ~✿~Rebel


She had [HAS] a little rebel in her, a little chaos and
a little gentleness. She did not say much and
sometimes she would doze off. She would
drift away, dream with the stars and that
was ok. She had [HAS] a little fight in her and every
time she built enough COURAGE her voice would
echo through the sky. She was [IS] not complete
but she had [HAS] enough. There was [IS] a science to
her genius, her madness, her beauty and there
was nothing she could not accomplish. She was [IS] 
UNSTOPPABLE and everything she ever wanted [WANTS]
she took [TAKES], with nothing on but a smile.
~Robert M. Drake

[ ] my edits to this piece

~✿~BB and I love Robert M. Drake’s book beautifulCHAOS. When she is sick I read this to her and today she is well, Yay, Yeah I was reading and this piece describes BB. ~✿~She is UNSTOPPABLE and everything she ever wants she takes, with nothing on but a smile.~✿~ She is defying all odds against her she has ever since she was 2. ~✿~She is a walking talking miracle and she is living life on her OWN terms and I love that! ~✿~I’m proud of her, though my mom heart has suffered some blows, I realized today she’s UNSTOPPABLE even if it’s my heart she walks on to achieve her goals. ~✿~Some might say that makes her thoughtless but not me….she’s driven and I can take it and as I pick myself up off the floor I’m cheering you on~✿~go BB, ~✿~don’t stop till you are HAPPY!~✿~

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