Thank you for being my bridge over troubled water today

My heart ran for cover and for shelter this morning…. thank you my sweet friends that showed up, you are my bridge over troubled I made it through the roughest day! I love you!
You know who you are!


WOW I never thought this would be true for me and I’m so thankful for my bridges that helped me cross over today.


Art by MichelleMarie
Art by MichelleMarie

12 thoughts on “Thank you for being my bridge over troubled water today

      1. No, no… I just have not heard much of him. Country music is not that popular here.. I don’t relate to it.

        To me, it’s music with a bunch of guys singing with a nasal twang…


      2. Death Metal is much more extreme than heavy metal. They scream in much the same way.
        I saw a Swedish death metal group that claims to sign autographs in their own blood.


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