We shall hold together ღ


We shall hold together.” said Red.

What ever do you mean, Autumn is over and Winter is calling, you simply must let go and fall you are a leaf and that’s what leaves do they fall.” I said.

“Oh no I am The Leaf among leaves on this tree and I shall hold together with you I will be here holding, cause that’s what friends do they hold for their friends when the load gets too heavy to bare alone!” said Red.

“Oh thank you Red see I’ve never had anyone hold with me so this is new. I would rather you let go and I’ll hold it all by myself, because I can do it, but if I must I….”

“Nonsense, Shut up!!! I’m holding the end of story so just BE a leaf and let’s dangle. ” shouted Red.

[then she smiled]

AWE I love that part! ღ

We shall hold together I am speechless now! ღ


8 thoughts on “We shall hold together ღ

  1. I love this very much. I just wrote a little note. I think it fits with yours.. “Loved Into Being”
    … I found peace in the me that showed up in each moment unconditionally — to hold a space, a prayer — for whatever needed to be loved into being.♡


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