I love your sweet song ღ


I love your sweet song
Sing to me sweetly
Your song is like
Flowers & hearts
to my soul ღ

16 Comments on “I love your sweet song ღ

  1. Lovely Pink/Purple Angel. I would love to hear your sweet song on my telephone again. I can’t find your number anyplace on my cluttered desk, and can’t stand long enough to declutter. Relapse is imminent, so not much time on Internet at the moment.
    Missing you a lot. Hugs and Love, Angie


      • I know, and read back a little bit more. I’m so sorry about her being worse, but it seems she is handling it so well. Can’t wait to hear from you again. Hugs and love right back.

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      • I would have called this weekend but I’m exhausted. I slept in both days and stayed quiet a lot. Alex is a strong girl. I’m thankful for that. 💜💜🌀

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      • She has learned from you, so I’m not surprised. Life is one long sleep time right now, with everything catching up on me. After months of not sleeping that is now all I want to do.
        I can’t wait to hear from you again, but don’t push it. I absolutely know the value of sleeping when you are too tired to go on much longer.


      • It’s funny how we always think of them as our babies, even after they are grown and gone from the table each morning. I need someone like you here for me, but you are unique and there will always be the Only You, so I’ll have to just keep on keeping on alone.


      • Hi Pink Angel friend. Sorry I haven’t kept in touch better, but the relapse I’ve tried to avoid just didn’t stay away.
        I’ve shut my blog posts down for the most part–just too tired to keep up among other things plus problems with WP “happiness” engineers at the moment. Just too tired and exhausted to put up with all negativity now, and it will be easier for me to begin over on a whole new domain than to keep butting heads with the person I tried to explain some probs I’m having with. Life is funny that way.


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