You Are Loved in Red ❤


Can you guess my favorite holiday? Kinda silly but I love all the Valentine stuff in the store.
BB & I have already started buying Vday stuff. It’s so happy and full of LOVE!~❤

17 Comments on “You Are Loved in Red ❤

  1. I’ve already decorated my apartment in red, with red rose arrangements (silk, since I’m allergic to real ones) red roosters. red flowers of all types with purple interspersed, red dishes and knick knacks, and using mostly red for my color therapy. It’s such a happy color, coming at such an ugly month, when two of my gorgeous kids were born. A few good things about February.


      • I think my entire family has red in the kitchen, from apples to ladybugs. I still have the roosters, but they come in so many colors and I’m using them all. Red is a happy color.

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      • It is I agree with you. I love it. It definitely pops. I love roosters too I don’t have any but I love how colorful they are. We love color don’t we?

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      • What would this world be like without color? It’s too sad for colorblind people, to miss the vibrancy of all those colors at sunset, or the flower gardens in full bloom.
        I am still collecting the roosters, and I marvel at how many colors there are in the world. I would love to really see a blue one, but they don’t raise those in my area. Mmm, going back to my coloring pages. Just wish I could find a more vibrant color than what I’m using, but eventually it will happen. Keep on trying all of the alternatives until the real thing happens.


      • I think I like you in Purple! It goes well with pink. As long as we have the dust in the air I’ll feel green around the gills, Mostly I feel all the colors of an orchard in bloom.


      • I’m really going all out for red at the moment, and adding loads of spring floral accents around my nest. I think I’m wearing red all the time lately. I wonder at times if people think I never change my shirts, after deciding to wear something different, then realizing when I checked the closet that I have 6 red tops.
        I think I’m in a rut, but at least it’s a bright colored one.


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