All was found but nothing-Bling writing project

All was found but nothing

I forgot who I was without all this stuff around me to cling to. So much of who I believed
myself to be was wrapped up in this stuff,  this house, this town, all the starting over.
Memories packed in boxes as if they would keep me from seeing the real truth.
Boxed up maybe to avoid seeing they were nothing but chaff on the trashing floor of my life.
And now they were “kindling,” fire the fire chief said.

This silly old book was all that was left and it too was charred, it’s pages like the finest soot butterflies
flew up as I blew them free. I watched as the breeze caught them and oddly enough I saw a
freedom in their release. I tossed the singed book into the rubble letting go of all I thought
made a difference. The difference was inside my heart and nothing could ever change or
take away as that fire burned the fake right out of me.



26 thoughts on “All was found but nothing-Bling writing project

  1. Sometimes things happen to books and other items so we can see what happened to ourselves. A book may have been burned, and what is left shows how burnt we were ourselves in a metaphorical way. Tossing the book may have cleared the marred parts of you away as well, leaving room for healing and moving forward.


      1. missed you too Tried to get here on Monday, but things kept stopping me. I had your page open since then, just didn’t have the chance to write anything


      2. I do the same thing A. It’s hard to find time for me too. Alex lost mobility in her legs last week. It’s been a little scary. We have an appointment at the Mayo Mar. 16. seems so far away. We are taking it one day at a time. This week she has bronchitis. It’s hard keeping her well. 😛 Hugs to you A than you for thinking of me!

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  2. Oh wow Yay Bling! I’m happy you think so! Yay! I’m on my way to read yours! Sorry it took me so long! 😀 This is fun! I’ll be sending our next photo today! You are definitely helping me branch out! 😀


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