Darling I’ll leave the light on

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he sang

Darling won’t you leave the light on? 

I’ll be home soon, there’s nothing I can do

She smiled and sang a whisper as she kissed his tears

Darling I’ll leave the light on come home soon , I love you!

I’ll leave the light on 

21 Comments on “Darling I’ll leave the light on

  1. Hi Bling thank you so much! I’m happy you do. I’m still trying to think of that old song he was singing. I’ve been trying to think of it all day! 😛


    • Me too still now that they are gone I find myself in morning shutting it off even though I know they are gone I always leave a light on for them. It’s sweet that you do too! 💕


    • I thought so it was a pretty sweet moment. I still wondered what moved him so. Tears from one who never cries move me. Hope all is well with you! 😄


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