Hey dreamer

I dreamed I saw a crescent moon
and below were red swans swimming
Gliding across the pond behind my house
When I awoke I was standing at the window
The crescent moon seemed to smile at me
and the red swans… well they were there too… I think

19 Comments on “Hey dreamer

    • Hi A thank you for this. I don’t really have much time to post and be on my blog like I used to. I love it though still so I keep coming back. Hope all is well with you 💛🌼

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      • I used to live on a lake. So many ducks that would come running because the kids fed them bread 🙂 everything is good here. Good you are too <3. xxx


      • I love feeding the ducks. Lately the little bunnies that come to my yard I’ve been thinking to leave them food. There are so many of them. It’s almost Friday yay 💛😌🌼

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      • No ducks here…near me that is. Lots of gulls and Cranes though. have a beautiful day and weekend Michelle. Yes, almost Friday…Yay!! 🦆🐰 ❤️


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