Sleepwalking…I’ve been waiting…

I’ve been waiting so long
I’ve been sinking deeper in love
Won’t you whisper come and find me
We all want to be found
Where we can be found
It’s not like I’m hiding
Sleeping-walking is how my heart speaks
Wake me up…

14 thoughts on “Sleepwalking…I’ve been waiting…

      1. I am so happy that I found you today. I have been trying to daily write again after going through some struggles. But the writing is cathartic and I feel the therapy of it. I am physically well but just overwhelmed by some bad/sad situations in life. How are you dear MichelleMarie? xo

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      2. Awe hello my friend. Well let’s see I could on and on about the little miracles in my life but I seem to not realize them till later when I look back. I consider seeing you here a miracle. I’m so happy you are better. I pray those struggles will lessen for you. I agree with you writing is cathartic. Keep it up and pour your heart out. Thank you for finding me. I’ve missed you xoxo 💕💕💕


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