3 things I love about…

So many things I love about this land. 1st-My dandelions are going to leave me tomorrow as the yard guy is coming. So I wanted to sit with them awhile. 2nd-My wildflower field, so many wildflowers you cannot imagine but you can be sure I will share them. 3rd-The moon rise and my wonderful beautiful horizon, this land holds so much healing for me and reminds me every season that we keep sowing and reaping. I pray my crop is full of love. So much love that you feel it just being near me. 🙏🏼🦋💜as I was type this note I saw a yellow butterfly 🦋 Did you know it’s said in the Native American folklore that when you see a yellow butterfly, someone that has passed in body, is close to you? Hi Papa🦋💛

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