Mel Robbins TEDx

At this point in my life I found it interesting that she was in my history and I had watched this almost to the end but I didn’t remember watching it. Now I know why. For me I’ve spent the last 17+ years switched on auto pilot everyday and highly functioning. Now that I’m out here in the abyss of joblessness I’m definitely in my, uncomfortable zone. I’m no longer on autopilot though, part of me misses cruising through life. I really want to do the next step, which for me has been resting until I’m ready. I haven’t taken a real vacation in so many years I’ve forgotten how many so I’m working on some books and things I really wanted to do but never had the time. I love that I have already listened to this and tonight I listened with different ears. I love it when that happens.

6 Comments on “Mel Robbins TEDx

    • I know. It really reminded me why I used to get up instead of laying in bed and also to do things on impulse. I’m a doer so this non-doing is really hard for me but really needed. I think I’m recharging for something big. LOL 😀 I hope you are well Gavin! So happy to see you! 🙂 ❤ Love and hugs to you.

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      • Oh wow and then ours is colder! Total opposite from you! I’m thankful for the warm times and also the cold times. Don’t they teach us a lot? Like GET thicker gloves 😀 I’m happy you are doing okay!


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