Dec. 22, 2018 Full Moon as I see it

As an artist and photographer I always feel to prove the fact that I can do real moon shots, but then I opened my back door and all I wanted to see was what I see.

Many things filled my heart and mind and most forefront was…Do those I love and miss most, know I miss them?…And I hope when they see this moon tonight and they think of me and my love for them. Then this ethereal moon and how it glares in my camera lens, almost made me stop but I simply couldn’t I needed to share what I saw. Why I do this, I do not know? I used to stress over getting the best moon shot and then I stopped because I do my best and that’s all I know to do. I hope this Christmas full moon finds you counting your blessings. ❤ I hope you think of me as you look upward and I send this prayer to your heart and that you know my love~<3

9 thoughts on “Dec. 22, 2018 Full Moon as I see it

  1. Hi MM. Thanks for sharing your tender heart, beautiful moon and photography. I can relate to spending time in solitude for the holidays. This year I went hiking on Christmas. May 2019 be full of beauty, love, and thriving for you and yours.


  2. Beautiful moon shot. The moon came up far to the north, after dark last night, so I got it through the trees looking like a midnight sun, and then after it rose above the trees, I was able to get it with detail. I’ve been watching the moon set this morning.


    1. Hi thank you I spend Christmas alone by choice. My family does their thing and I prefer to think of them happy and myself finding true peace without all the commercial holiday hype. I prefer to share true love and not so much holiday cheer! Year long cheer to you and your family! Many blessings to find you and overtake you! I’m looking for an emoji to express how I feel and there isn’t one here so… Amen 🙂

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