70° today

Perfect day for a walk in the field out back. No matter how old she gets she still loves to smell for bunnies. She’ll Be 15 this year. ❤️

22 Comments on “70° today

  1. I’m glad you got to go outside and sniff around. My dog, Marigold will be 17 if she makes it to May. She can only hear very loud noises and doesn’t see well at all. She gets confused about where she is. But she still loves to walk around in the yard and smell everything. Powerful sense of smell our doggies have!

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    • OH my gosh I was just thinking about you yesterday! NO joke! Wow. I have so much to say. I hope we can catch up on the phone~xoxo You made my day! I literally thought yesterday I might not ever hear from you again and I sent love your way! I guess you got it! AWE ❤


  2. 70º? We barely got above freezing again today. You dog looks happy sniffing out bunnies.


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