After all…it is her life, her story

After all it is her life, her story.  I’ve been playing around with photos and filters and I realized something… It really is her life and her story. Always in the past, it was about our life and now I see this beautiful tapestry of love in this amazing woman. So beautiful when I stopped and looked at these images of Alexanderia. She’s amazing.

23 thoughts on “After all…it is her life, her story

    1. Thank you sweet Sue. I really was playing in Photoshop and other programs and started to see something deeper. 🙂 I think so too. I see a hint of the sadness she struggles with. However, I know that with happiness does come sadness. If we didn’t have both we wouldn’t get so wise. I think ❤

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  1. The modifications to the photos produce amazing results, with such different outcomes for each one. They really tell a story of a beautiful young woman. I can see glimpses of you is some of the photos and no resemblance at all in the other photos.


    1. Awe thank you Tim. You are right she looks like me and also like by mom and sister and a little like her half sister. It’s amazing how those glimpses are. I love looking at them all together. I see her playful side still in there if I look really deep. 🙂

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