There are moments

There are moments
Like this when…
I’m caught up in the magic
When the wildflower field
Looks like diamonds
I catch my breath and snap a photo
So you can see it too~ღ~

26 thoughts on “There are moments

      • When I lived in Nevada, I would notice a pretty sunset developing. I, then, would get my Minolta camera geat together and drive forty miles into the desert for such beautiful scenes. Once, as I was setting my cameras up,I noticed a road runner. Soon after, I noticed a coyote! Wow! such a surprise. Grand Canyon, Zion National Monument, Bryce Canyon, Goldfield, NV (where Virgil Earp was a sheriff), Tucson, Saguara Park; they were all beautiful. But, I couldn’t afford a Nikon, or Mamiya, Hasselblad, Bronica, Still,I loved my Minolta SRT-101 and SRT-102…..and….my 300 mm Vivitar telephoto lens. I still have two leather bound annual groups of Arizona Highways Magazines….really beautiful. Your pictures take me back to beautiful pictures. Btw, I always wanted a Calumet technical camera. Ansel Adams was my favorite photographer of black and white photos. ricknsega.

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      • Oh mine too I have a photo of his hanging on my wall the one with the church. Taos Pueblo Church. A print of course. Love his b/w’s too.
        I think whatever you can afford is what you use. I also think it’s a lot about being in the right place at the right time. I just happen to wait on sunrises and sunsets. I live on a flat plain so I have excellent clear shots.
        I went to college in Arizona I remember those views they were so dreamy. I climbed Superstition Mountain once to see Phoenix in the dark, it took me forever to get back down 🙂 I’m happy you like my photos I tend to take photos for the same subjects. I have certain things I like that fit my life style which usually are about nature and things like that. I love the area you are talking about! Love you mention of Virgil Earp. Probably a lot of western shot there. 😀 😀

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      • Thanks for providing such a detailed comment. I lived in Phoenix two years, Las Vegas one year, and have family in Tucson. I am amazed at all that you have done. btw, I went into a mountain cave, near Goldfield, and went quite a way back until I arrived at a split, and two tunnels ran off the left and right. Once I left the main tunnel, it was pitch black. I saw bottles that had turned purple. I saw a rotting jacket leaning on something, and had a Cincinnati store label, from about 1935. I came down from that mountain, and was sliding down then side of it, and came close to sliding right over a rattle snake. It was fun Btw, around 1930, Goldfield had a population of around 30,000, because of mining.rnsega

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      • Oh lovely, I have family is Snowflake AZ. And my Auntie used to snow bird down there in the winters she’s from Seattle WA.
        Oh yikes you are more brave them I. I would never go in a cave. That’s amazing you found an old jacket in there. Hopefully that’s all that was in there 😀 I just thought after I typed about this that I could have been bitten by a rattlesnake. So scary to think you came that close. Yikes.
        I think mining has trashed that part of the country. Especially in Colorado. Now there are ghosts towns there I think. :0

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      • Yes.It could be very cold. It is hard to even imagine that. My first trip to Williams and Flagstaff was in the Winter, and it really got my attention. Good memories. Not in the West now. Maybe someday.

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      • A super photographer. Sometimes, I wish that I could have been born thirty years sooner so that I could have pursued a career in photographer when the leading magazines had such a need. Oh, well.

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      • You are right. I’m in the magazine publishing business and I won’t get into too much detail but things have really really changed because of online publishing. Oh well is right. Sigh

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      • I can remember the stories of the crews of staff photographers that covered stories from the likes of Colliers, Red Book, Look, LIfe, and many other periodicals. I have seen beautiful pictures of Europe in similar magazines, plus National Geographic. That was a goal that I had.

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      • Exactly full staff of them plus special news and report photographers now editors and news writers take our own, they then become property of the company. You can still get published in these magazines and also on their websites. You can click their submissions buttons and to be considered. There’s a plethora of people that do this but you would be surprised how much they pay for THE SHOT. So it’s still worth the effort I feel. Plus it’s fun. 🙂

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      • That is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. my Samsung needs to be upgraded lol. Please have a good evening. It has been fun sharing today. Thanks for being such a special sister in Christ.

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