When the storms have passed

When the storms have passed
Though flood waters surround us still
We see things in a different light
We are ever changed

12 Comments on “When the storms have passed

    • Hi Tim thank you. I love that bridge it raises and lowers when trains go by. The water is so much closer to it then it used to be! I’m happy you like it. 🙂

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  1. This is nice. Sometimes storms that we face in our lives help us to look at life in a different point of view, in a different perspective. And it’s beautiful how some storms can change our lives for better. For a better future.

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    • Oh yes that is very true and wise. We have experienced major storms and tornadoes along with record breaking flooding. This bridge is the train bridge that goes over one of the rivers that is flooding towns and counties downstream. You so right literal storms and mephitical storms change us forever I feel in so many ways. Always for the better it just might take us a little bit to recognize it! ❤ Have a beautiful day Vihani. ✿

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