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Art by MichelleMarie, Creative Spirit Flow

Why not be honest with myself and say, “nothing looks the same as it did, nothing feels the same after you’ve healed.”

I should feel this glorious relief, and I do, but also this feeling of being lost. Not lost like someone who’s lost their way, but lost like; what now? In this quiet space of nothingness lies the secret to true healing and grace so amazing. 


I thought it would be different, I really thought at some point things would get easier and they have for the most part, but I’ve noticed in the silence of nothing, I yearn. Not for a person, not for even myself because I know I’m here in this present moment; this yearning feels like where inspiration lives. So I wait for her to show me something, a feeling that moves me, perhaps this morning’s sunrise will be the catalyst that drives me to express. Until then, I wait to see what she, inspiration brings. 

26 Comments on “Inspiration | Let your Creative Sprit Flow

    • Hi Stephen, it’s always so good to see you. Thank you for your kind comment and support. I hope all is going well for you! Have a wonderful evening! 🙂


    • I totally agree with you. I’m in a different place careerwise. I literally have a beautiful creative space to be inspired. I feel blessed. Maybe it’s years of sitting in the middle of noisy newsroom and still creating helped me to respect my own creative process, my spirit! Good point Tim! 🙂

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    • I’m an artist, since the age of 6, I started drawing, and I’ve been blessed that God opened doors for me, so I can stay in a creative space. Everything I see and hear, I take it all in and then something comes out that feels like a miracle each time. I know we all have a well spring deep down. It takes silence and waiting for it to come! So thankful for it! Have a beautiful evening! 🙂

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