Alex’s Okie Weather Report

We’ve been having a lot of fun with the weather lately. Snow and crazy times. It’s all thawed now so I wanted to put this little video together sharing a few weather highlights.

17 thoughts on “Alex’s Okie Weather Report

      1. Well they make it so difficult. It’s quite strange actually. To me it feels like the site setups. I’ve managed several of those for clients and I don’t like it at all. This block editor is too bossy and dictates how things looks. We are losing our creative freedom.


  1. Alex is adorable. Do you have bison close by? We’ve had a bit of snow in February, but mostly we’ve had cold mornings in the teens, and nice afternoons in the high 60s low 70s.

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    1. Yes we do. Actually the bison are her boy friends. He has a farm with bison, goats, pigs and horses. She’s having a blast doing little weather videos with the animals.
      Our weather has been so nice this weekend same here in the 60s and 70s. We needed the sun that’s for sure! Thanks for your feedback on the video. I appreciate you! ❤

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      1. There was a bison farm in the valley here for years. Then they moved the bison. I don’t know what they did with them. People who moved in the area probably complained and forced them out.

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      2. AWW I can’t imagine someone complaining about these magnificent creatures. We have a lot of buffalo. They were becoming extinct I’m happy they are protected and plentiful now! These two are so cute.

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