12 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday sunrise from my backyard

  1. You have such beautiful skies out there. The colors are so vibrant, at least what I can still see of them.

    My world is beginning to shrink as I downsize my life, preparing for an eventual move to the nursing home where my mom died six years ago. My aunt still lives there and soon I will join her there. The MS had advanced so much I just can’t do the things I want to do any longer. I have been thinking about you a lot lately, wondering how you and Alex are doing these days. Will text soon. Love you Pink Angel Friend.

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    1. I’m sorry I missed you message. I feel so bad. Alex is doing okay. As you know it can change at a moments notice so our fingers are crossed. She has a new doctor. They discovered some more light vision has come to her right eye so she’s not totally blind. She tried to live a normal life but as you know nothing is normal. I hope that wherever you go that they have wonderful caregivers. It will be nice for the break and to have help I would think. I’m praying for you and I have been thinking of you as well. My phone number is still the same. I love sending blessings 💗💕

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      1. Although I occasionally have temporary blindness in my right eye my worst poblem now are the falls. I am recovering from a broken ankle now and last year it was a broken femur. No problem at all with the femur, just a rod with screws on one end and a bolt on the other, but the ankle is a different matter. Brittle bones shattered when the doctor was trying to put them back together so now I’m hopping around on one foot with a walker trying to keep pressure off the foot and ankle. Just please make sure Alex gets loads of calcium so it she falls her bones will be strong enough to handle. Don’t know how many concussions I’ve had but my son tells me as long as I hit my head I;ll be okay because it’s the hardest part of my body. Of course he is now telling people the doctor took the screws out of my head and put them in my leg. I think I’ll try to sell him to the next band of gypsies I can find!
        Love you. Texting tonight! <3<3

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      2. Happy New Year to you also. What kind of vitamins are you taking? I think I need to to load up on vitamins after the broken ankle. Last year it was a broken femur, so I think I’m breaking apart. <3<3<3

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      3. I take D3 5,000 IU, Zinc 54 mg, C 2,000 mg, Quercetin, NAC. I’ve been exposed to the virus and I’ve not been sick. Because of my compromised immune system I have to watch taking anything that could cause adverse reactions. 🧡🧡🧡

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