About me

I have blogged on WordPress for 6 years. I never thought to share what I do and why I came here to WP, so I will. I’ve always been an artist, since the age of 6. I remember seeing a drawing this kid made of a bird, I said to myself, “I want to learn to draw like that.” So I did. I believe that is when my love of art started. I was blessed to have some amazing art teachers that saw my desire to express my inner heart, outward. I loved football season because I spent all week drawing and painting the big run-throughs our football team busted through on Friday nights. I also painted Christmas murals on store windows…I need to get back to that one day.

Then, came the digital age, and how could to transfer my art to the computer? It wasn’t easy for me, because I love to draw with a pencil and sharpies…go figure! I taught myself how to draw with a mouse, and also became proficient in all the leading industry software. My professional job title in life have always found me expressing another side of my art through graphic design, illustration, writing, and editing.  Wordpress is where I came to hone my skills. All the art you see on my blog and photos are created by me. I have so much, it would be hard to see it all. I’ve learned there are so many really awesomely, gifted people here, and I’m blessed to call many of you friend. Thank you, thank you for being here and for allowing me the opportunity to get to know you better.






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