Love 2 Love You

Love 2 Love You ❤

Sometimes I rest…I hide…I wish to hide in You

Love me Like it was the first day

Love me Like it was the first day! Another photo I took when I was visiting Bling! I love looking at flower photos! 😀 they make me smile!

I want…a Soft Love…a Gentle Love

Photo taken @the Chicago Botanic Garden when I visited Bling! I love this so much! I reminded me of soft & gentle love.    

Lay down beside me love & hide me

This photo I took when I was visiting Bling in Chicago, at the Chicago Botanic Garden! I love to look at photos later and relive all the fun! I love you Bling! ❤

Chicago Botanic Garden Do trees cry petal tears?

Do trees cry petal tears? It’s hard for me to say all along the pathways under the trees I see petals like tears from this tree I think trees cry petal tears like snowflakes of relief @ the blessed sun!   

Chicago Botanic Gardens I ❤ Doors

I ❤ Doors

Chicago Botanic Garden Sitting Garden

I am in love with that Blue gate! I love gates and doors!  

Waterfall Chicago Botanic Garden 7 photos

Waterfall Chicago Botanic Garden So we flow in the peace of trickles of peace That calms my soul and reminds me I am found I am free