Butterfly Palace Branson, MO

I took my girl to Branson, MO last weekend. We made a long weekend of it and it was so wonderful for both of us to get away. It’s the first time since in 2 years. The coolest part is that we sat in my car a lot…enjoying each others company and the fact that we were somewhere other than home in bed. And laughing we laugh a lot! I’m so happy about healing and our progress.

Alex update: Alex is walking now on her own and while she’s still blind in her right eye she’s so very happy. We made it through this tough last year thank you everyone for your thoughts, wishes and prayers…. thankful for aĀ glorious time with my girl.

Update on my back injury. I’m 85% healed. Hooray. I’m still wearing a back brace andĀ I’m able to sit for longer than one hour so that’s exciting. I have a stand up desk at work so yay for that too. My heart is full and I’m so blessed and thankful!Ā Much love and big hugs to you! ~įƒ¦~



Glitter in the Air- Pink


Yes I have thrown glitter in the air and faced fear in the face. I’m fearless that way! Pink Blings WOOHOO




A little bit of fall


A little bit of fall
just in case you are wondering
if I’m still here…I am just more
contemplative about higher things!
A little bit of fall

Morning’s Glory


It was so peaceful watching the sunrise with Angel. I didn’t want to leave it was so calming! šŸ™‚
I love it when that happens! ā¤