That’s beautiful to me~photos my MichelleMarie

Baby You’re A Star

Baby You’re A Star I worked on and off all day on this one. I draw all this myself in Adobe Illustrator. 😀

Butterfly Palace Branson, MO

I took my girl to Branson, MO last weekend. We made a long weekend of it and it was so wonderful for both of us to get away. It’s the first time since in 2 years. The coolest part is that we sat in my car a lot…enjoying each others company and the fact that we were somewhere other than home in bed. And laughing we laugh a lot! I’m so happy about healing and our progress. Alex update: Alex is walking now on her own and while she’s still blind in… Read More

Wildflower~N~Me Passion flower

Oklahoma Wildflower~Purple Passion Flower What if you were waiting for this?

Glitter in the Air- Pink

  Yes I have thrown glitter in the air and faced fear in the face. I’m fearless that way! Pink Blings WOOHOO    

A little bit of fall

A little bit of fall just in case you are wondering if I’m still here…I am just more contemplative about higher things! A little bit of fall

Orange flower to brighten the day

Orange flower to brighten the day! 😄❤️

Morning’s Glory

It was so peaceful watching the sunrise with Angel. I didn’t want to leave it was so calming! 🙂 I love it when that happens! ❤

Simply Sadie

  Simply Sadie