I WISH, I HOPE, I DREAM, I BELIEVE for Belinda from Uncle Gunn & Me

I wish I hope I dream and I believe, That the best gifts in life are absolutely free. I hold onto my dreams, big or small, For He makes it all come true, and He makes it all. No matter how impossible each turn may seem, He is there in my life, navigating each and every scene. As I pray for a big day, and put Him to the test, He amazes me at the days end, with something greater yet. And as I wish, wish, wish away… With all that I… Read More

friends…growing…flowing…sharing…hanging out…together on the vine

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friends…growing…flowing…sharing… hanging out…together on the vine

I dream in feathers~fairy dust, sunshine and light~for Belinda

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I dream in feathers~fairy dust, sunshine and light~for Belinda

Belinda Your Flower Bloomed Today

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Belinda Your Flower Bloomed Today I saw star dust and twinkles I saw shimmers of light carried to me by the Angels that protect you in the night Belinda Your Flower Bloomed Today it was a beautiful sight to behold!

I Am So Into You

this old song popped into my head and I found it cool video Atlanta Rhythm Section – I Am So Into You Lyrics When you walked into the room, There was voodoo in the vibes. I was captured by your style, But I could not catch your eyes. Now I stand here helplessly, Hoping you’ll get into me I am so into you I can’t think of nothing else I am so into you I can’t think of nothing else Thinking how it’s going to be Whenever I get you next to… Read More

in Awe

in Awe of You

I’ll wait for you

These clouds

You are always on my mind

You are always on my mind