To my Kentucky Angel friend

To my Kentucky Angel friend
Thank you for sharing your stories
Thank you for sharing your life
Thank you for showing me grace
When life hands you nothing but strife
Thank you for your loving kindness
Thank you for the sweet little cheers
Your words I will carry always
Till we meet again
I shall hug you tight
and hold you close to my heart
To my Kentucky Angel friend

I miss my friend Belinda

I’ve made some wonderful friends on WP one of my long time friends Belinda @busymindthinking

We used to meet here on the weekends and post, text and laugh together. I miss that. WP has changed it’s not the same for me anymore. Friends come and go but my heart never stops loving those who left! Never, I miss my friend! ~ღ~

Henrietta’s drawing challenge-A toy


Henrietta I thought this would be fun to draw a toy for Henrietta’s challenge. I used my favorite medium Sharpies. I was thinking maybe I should have used pencil first but oh well.

Here you go Henrietta. Thanks for helping me pass some time! 🙂



Hi If you are feeling blue

~✿~ღ~✿~My friend Jeanne Marie and I have this Pink blog she created for us to play in Pink when life is tough and gets to be too much! This is for you JM I know your heart needed a PINK boost so here I am to give it. I love you ~✿~ღ~✿~



A silent prayer from

This morning I decided to share my prayer card from my heart friend Laurie @

A silent prayer

I hold this silent prayer in my heart

That you may feel my love and remember your own

P.S. I fixed the typo! LOL 😀

People want what they want


People want what they want And if love is involved things will end up as they should–

photo by Jeanne Marie. She loves to share her flower photos with me. She said since I couldn’t get out to take my own she would share hers with me. Thank you JM💕💕