Check out this water

Like a waterfall! 

Welcome to Tornado season in Oklahoma 

Magnificent clouds during the storm

Wonderful cloud show during the storm this morning. I waited for the sunrise! This is perfectly fine with me.

Tornado headed this way

It just passed over. I’ll admit I did take cover. 😄   My neighbors all ended up standing in the street. At one point it actually looked beautiful. I did end up over at my neighbors because I was alone. I wasn’t afraid but maybe wanted someone to watch the storm with. It was quite a sight.  

Crazy cool Oklahoma clouds


Swiss cheese clouds

   I got home in time to enjoy the rest of this warmer weather before the storms move in. I wasn’t expecting Swiss cheese looking clouds! 😄   I see 2 eyes. Do you?  

Let me land gently

  Let me land gently in this place where everything changes in an instant! 

I watched as the dark clouds took over the dawn, I am not afraid but there’s a storm coming I can feel it

Tuesday evening stormy sky~iPhone photos

I was on my way home it was sleeting and raining…out of the corner of my eye I saw this storm moving fast so I was trying to get home before it hit. Finally I pulled off to the side so I could watch it. I only had my iPhone so these photos do not show what my eyes beheld. It was magnificent.