Born this night in June

Born this night in June
Wasn’t April, nor Harvest Moon
That caused me to swoon
When I saw your smile
And sweet sweet face
I knew at that moment
I had nothing to give you
But all my heart
I could count
On one hand those
I’d given complete
Endless access to my heart
I gave it gladly
It was all I had to give
Thank you for making me
Your Momma sweet baby girl
My Alexanderia, my heart
Born this night in June

Every year I tell my girl the story of her birth because it started today June 28, @ 9 am. My water broke and the fun times began and have never stopped. When I look back today over her entire life the one abiding feeling is constant and unconditional love. It changed me, because love changes everything. ~ღ~ So thankful
~ღ~Happy Birthday baby girl ~ღ~

Firefly Inspirations

Maybe it’s the twilight
Maybe June & Summer fireflies
I’ll never know why, I cannot stop
Sitting & waiting for you
First a hinted whisper like wind
Oh, it’s nothing that I did
To cause this flood of emotion
And elation that you are still here
No one knows & I’m not pretending
No spaces, no blades of separation
But me & you inspiration
I live to meet you here

It was the…Poppies

It was the Poppies

“You see sir

I wasn’t looking

for a wizard.

I don’t believe!!!

I was following

the wildflowers…

Sweet Poppies

They caught my eye

Me being shy

I followed this road

I was looking for

something real

The way he threw his voice

double entendre like

you how I like to laugh

I got a little off, but now I see

This road I have been traveling

Has made me believe

I already knew the truth

inside me, I’m funny that way.”

Best Blogs – Spring 2019 Edition!

Neha’s Best Blogs – Spring 2019 Edition! Thank you sweet friend and many blessings to you ❤


Hello Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Spring Blog Nominations, I appreciate you taking the time to mention your favorite blogs! This is what I love most about this community…  how generous people are to give a shout out to fellow bloggers and artists, and build this strong network that we have. Without much further adieu, below are your favorite blogs followed by a few of my favorites! Do Check out the nominators and their recommended blogs, I believe all of the nominators are some of my personal favorites, also do check out my previous blog recommendations and stay tuned for future ones!

**Please note they are in no specific order, just based in the same order as nominations in my comments. My personal recs are listed at the end. 🙂 They are all equally great in my eyes!

Best Spring Blog Recommendations:

Nominator: Carol Hopkins…

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Friends and time

quote from my friend

Someone sent this to me this morning after thanking me for making time for them. I always make time for my friends. I have noticed though sometimes it’s not reciprocal with some that show up and I’m okay with that it’s just that maybe I won’t be free next time either. Life’s too short to wait around on someone to have time to talk to you. Just sayin’…I had this ah…ha moment today. I was just talking to my daughter about this the other day. I know these things, but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded.