She waits…

She waits…for clues and keys to unlock the door she waits behind

Angel of Light-Gandalf

22 years ago I bought this cassette tape of this song, to play for my daughter while she slept. I always wished I could find it again! Today I was working at my desk and this song started playing on my iTunes. This was sent to me by a dear friend several months ago. When I heard it, that familiar feeling came over me and then I saw in my mind’s eye my baby girl laying asleep in her crib. I used to sit beside her listening to this song praying for… Read More

Northern Light @ Umeå -Inspiration from my cousin

My cousin Rune’ lives in Finland, this is where my family originated. He knows of my love for the Northern lights and has been sending these to me daily. Inside my heart is this yearning I’m not sure what for, and I feel it when I see his photos. Love that my family is so inspiring of each other.

Paradise found among the flowers

Loved~paradise found among the flowers it’s my hope, pray and wish that you also feel loved, richly Loved~

Every time I see butterflies…

Every time I see butterflies I think of you 🦋

You’re an Overcomer

You are not going under, You are GOING OVER! You’re an Overcomer!

I wish for you

I wish for you…Hugs that feed you soul Kisses that leave you breathless Love the reminds you who you are Above all this… i wish you joy Find your joy

Cost of the Cold-Cool animation

I love the way this flows and how it’s all hand drawn. I started to think I can do this. A fellow artist sent this to me for the animation and also the type of calm music. Great for staying in my creative zone/space. I love the end where she erases. That’s the coolest part for me, oh and the wolves showing up and the deer. I’m thinking this probably took over 100 hand drawn frames. I can do something like this but I prefer the simplicity of the galloping horses I ran across… Read More

Galloping horse

I wanted to share this with you but I didn’t know how to show you. I’ve been working animations: BUT this is not mine. I found it on tumblr by accident and it inspired me so much.