Tornado headed this way

It just passed over. I’ll admit I did take cover. 😄




My neighbors all ended up standing in the street.


At one point it actually looked beautiful. I did end up over at my neighbors because I was alone. I wasn’t afraid but maybe wanted someone to watch the storm with. It was quite a sight.


Light as a feather


Light as a feather
She floats & flutter above it all…
like she’s magic I think she is
she’s a water walker…

Today I had two huge breakthroughs in my life, one of them a 3 year trail of staying the course and the other was a surprise blessing…I always knew I was a water walker. One more to go I can see freedom on the horizon! I believe I’ll dance my way there!

Bird-man and the lame bird


“Today I saw a lame bird,
he was struggling in the street.
Cars and traffic all around, I looked
but no one came to help him.
He was trying to eat a piece of bread
bigger than he, so I ran over
knelt to see, he had no foot
Poor bird, my heart was sick
so I tore the bread into tiny pieces
To lead him to safety away from harm.
He followed me and he did eat.
My heart was heavy so I stayed
maybe 15 minutes or so
The lame bird ate while I watched
How to tell this thing,
which grabbed my heart
leaving me without words?” said the Bird-man.

I said to the bird man,
“Oh sweet man I think you already did…tell.”
You touched my heart
and quieted my soul.
Today I needed to see
goodness and kindness
And I did with this beautiful share
You touched my heart and
quieted my soul
I thank you sweet Bird-man.

In Search Of Words

Kevin’s words inspired by Belinda…she seems to have this affect on many! I know she does on me. We love you B.

Kevin Barrett's Blog

No Words

I spent some time in search of words
To explain what it is I feel
They continue to elude me
Though I long to express – and not conceal
How completely it is you move me
With everything you are
Unmatched – your beautiful soul
As it touches those both near and far
I called upon all poets
With hope I could define
How it is that you have changed me
By sharing your heart with mine
I realized that perhaps
The words simply haven’t been created
And recognized this lack of words
Is indeed how it can be stated
To love beyond words
[Quoted from one of the blogs I follow:
The specific post is at:
Well worth a view and a follow.    —  KMAB]
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