Aww, y’all look

Sweet little Penelope she’s 11 wos tomorrow

Aww y’all look…she was tired. Maybe I’m too much, and we are still learning each other. She’s the perfect dog for me, she reminds me it’s okay to rest and take naps. 😘🐾💕 I keep forgetting that. 🐾

Itty bitty Penelope. I love her sweet gentle spirit. 💕

Meet Princess Penelope

Meet Princess 👑 Penelope. I wasn’t going to get another dog after my beloved Angel crossed rainbow bridge…I happened to be looking at the Tulsa World and I saw this sweet face, Great Pyrenees puppies available. I decided to drive out to the free roaming farm in the boonies. When I got there I was greeted by Princess P’s dad, all 150 pounds of him. I saw her sweet little face hiding behind some flowers 🌸 and I asked what she was doing and the breeder said she knows why you are here. She’s said P was one of the shyiest Great Pryn. Yep she’s the one. Such a sweet, funny little puppy.

Barks, playing and sitting outside watching sunrises. Princess P will probably end up weighing somewhere close to 120 pounds and be waist high to me which I love. I spend a lot of time alone so she and I will have fun porch sitting and playing. 🐾👑❤️

Life is all about playing
Chasing birds
Nap Before doggy daycare 🐾❤️
Hi Happy Friday!