Grace growing and flowing

Grace comes to you when you are ready Everything in  perfect timing Stop and see, let it fill up Your eyes, Your heart, Your mind

I always used to say I’m going here

I always used to say I’m going here I’m going there, but truly I already am where I need to go I already am where I need to be If I was supposed to be some place else I would be there by now Even so, it’s okay to be here I am always here Always have been I just didn’t know till now.

Grace is calling me home

Grace is calling me home Love is calling me home Peace is calling me home Why wrestle, why fight? When you have tried this all your life Surrender and you just might Find home I went outside and saw my wildflowers swaying and the birds were singing so I made a little video with my iPhone. Thought you might like to listen.

Arkansas River floods Oklahoma

2019 Arkansas River flood has made the records books for the highest river levels ever. By Wednesday the River is expected to crest at 42′. The Army Corp of Engineers has been releasing at full capacity since the rains started. Flooding is rampant along the bordering river towns. Below are some photos I took standing on Riverside walking trails in Tulsa, that are today gone due to errosion from the rushing waters. I thought it would be better to get a closer look riding a scooter, so I did. I left after… Read More

You Gave It Away

You Gave It Away Life has taken it’s toll with your rock-a-bye body and butterfly soul Oh…don’t you grow old Sail it away Find your way Find your way Push out in the ocean Bail with a spoon Keep your eye on the moon Find your way back With your fist full of wishes Arms full of dreams Don’t give them away Sail them back to me

And so…tell me something little wildflower

And So….Tell me something little wildflower I have lived like a garden rose It is the only life I know I felt the touch of tending hands I made my peace of which I stand but… I long to see her dancing right in front of me. I watched her last night swaying softly and I heard the gentle breeze… whisper something like little wildflower…. hum hum hummmmmmhummmm

And when…

And when… the storm clouds moved away  and the sting of the barbed memories  began to fade Her heart, it sang a new sweet sweet song! MichelleMarie

Flower pot flowers

I love when flower pot friends show up & surprise me. 🧡 Happy Wednesday 🧡

Midnight Butterfly

Dark is her sky sometimes I watch her clatter around In the castle with round walls She makes not a sound How I wish, oh I wish For a little magic somewhere Then flown through her window A Midnight Butterfly  so rare The moon it was blue It glistened the sky Midnight Butterfly kissed her Right on the eye From that day on she saw Nothing but gladness Rainbows and sunshine Midnight Butterflies  are magical that way Oh how I wish…I miss her sometimes, no…Always 🦋