Everyday is a new beginning…

   Uncomfortable soul

Do not worry about tomorrow

No matter what nobody can take away the dances

No matter what…  


I plan to… Live my life~while I’m alive I’m going to Live! Laugh~till you fall down! Love~no matter what! MichelleMarie This sign was at my mom’s house, I wanted to remember this moment! P. S. I added my words inside the heart to leave a ❤ impression! 

Every day is a new beginning

Between the sea and sky~

Between the sea and the sky It is written between the sea and the sky, within the horizon rest, that word. The word neither science nor religion can make sense of The word to end or start all wars, the word we use to express something greater then ourselves. The word we die for, we love for and ironically look for when it cannot be seen. It is written on pillows so we dream of it and written over the stars so we can wish for it. So when we look closer,… Read More

Love each other as God loves each of you, with an intense and particular love

I read Mother Teresa’s book No Greater Love and it profoundly changed my life. I learned how to sit in silence with someone that is suffering. I learned to overlook expectations both of myself and of others. I learned also that everyday we do experience little surprises/miracles that make us think we are special. I learned and reaffirmed what I already knew which is kindness matters it always matters. But most of all I learned that being kind to ourselves is very important.  

The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought

Today is a perfect day for cartwheels, don’t you think?