When every day feels like Saturday

I keep forgetting what day of the week it is. Sorrow knows no day of the week, nor no season. I’m shifting and transforming and it’s okay and then 5 mins later it’s not okay. I start my days with a prayer which goes something like this… DEAR GOD…. HELP… Amen Then I watch this video and dance a little. Because somewhere along the way I forgot my dance and my song. Then I go to the gym and walk listening to Marianne Williamson and I pray a lot.  I’ve bought this… Read More

This caught my eye

This caught my eye

The places, where I go…

The places where I go…

Even More Beautiful

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Look what came to visit

My butterfly bushes are a busy place today. 🦋💜

I feel you walk away…

I feel you walk away I feel you…turn and say Are you still here Yes…Yes…I am Just not the same MichelleMarie

Morning Dew

Morning Dew caught my eye not only this new sweet wildflower in my field…how small the leaves are and each kissed by the morning dew. Makes me think what a wonderful world

Something sweet

My knock out roses are going crazy this year. What I find so amazing is how my wildflowers showed up. Thanks to my sweet little bird friends! I love the little spider webs on the Queen Annes Lace petals. There is much life in my little garden…I feel richly blessed!

A little wildflower

Hay was baled a little earlier this year and most of my wildflowers went with it. This evening I looked out to see this sweet little Indian Paintbrush. There was another one so tiny beside it. They made me smile. 😊 I love that.