Wisdom from my Pa

My Pa always had these wonderful little pearls of wisdom. Today I remembered this one. I think of him everyday so this day to celebrate Fathers is just another day for me. Till we meet again Pa, but till then I’ll meet you in my heart ❤️  Also I have a page where I’ve shared about him. https://tellmeaboutit.co/my-dad-dan-pa/

He’s gone fishin’

I’m going fishin’ there is nothing you can do I’m going fishin’ in a day or two Micki you can try to please them Ain’t nothing you can do but… Maybe you should join me Cause I’m going fishin’ I’ll be waiting for you P.S. Thinking about my Pa.

You are ever gentle on my mind

I know you’re waiting on the back roads by the rivers of my memories ever smiling ever gentle on my mind

Anything but Ephemera

Your words I pour over them I think of how you felt with pen in hand as tears dropped On these pages I now pour This ones for you wherever you are Your words are anything but Ephemera They are pressed between the pages of my heart I miss you Pa  

Happy Birthday Pa

I’ve been working on restoring this photo of my Pa. I love this photo of him. I thought since today is his birthday, Jan. 2, it is a perfect day to share! Happy Birthday in heaven Pa. My Auntie sent me this photo below. The image is not as clear but back then there weren’t a lot of photos so I cherish these that I have! Hard to tell if I did a good job here or not but at least I got rid of the cracked spots.

Papa will I perish?

Papa will I perish? because if feels like it and I can’t bare the fire… “Micki let me tell you something, I can sure tell you what NOT to do! Yes the fire will burn you, Yes it will hurt, Yes there will be days you think you can’t take it But don’t run, or jump because soon relief will come See Micki life [that fire], it burns the fake right out of you It refines you like the finest gold if you stay and surrender to your greatest fear it is in… Read More

Chantilly Grace

My Pa said,  “She had Chantilly Grace,” and I always wondered too myself…wasn’t that lace? Oh but he said, “It’s so much finer than that, she has the kind of grace that when she left the room she took my heart with her.” Oh I said, “Pa I want that kind of grace one day,”  and he said. “You’ve already got it, the day I first held you in my arms, I knew my heart would break a thousand times watching you go, now straighten up an act like it.” I smile just thinking of that day!… Read More

Papa…I will remind you if you forget

Never forget streams that flow like this… Never forget the sun as it warms me… Never forget your smile that cheers me… But if I should forget Will you remind me…? Yes Papa… I will always remind you if you forget… For my Pa in heaven! I know he’s fishing and waiting for me! My Pa had Alzheimer’s and it scared him forgetting so I wrote it all down just in case. I’m so very thankful I did and that I’m surrounded with his beautiful photos, writings and memories of him! I’m not sad,… Read More

Fare thee well my sweet dear one

Fare thee well my sweet dear one Remember me in your soul For within your heart I live & move Farewell my precious one For I am in the sunrise & in the setting sun Look for me I’ll be shining down on you I love you Pa