After you’ve done all you can…

After you’ve done all you can~You~Stand

Cause sometimes living takes

Cause Sometimes Living takes the life out of You~Sometimes living is all you can do~Life is hard but God is Good ~

passion and deep love…

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Trying to capture you

I have these 3 very large birds that circle my field starting around dusk. I thought perhaps to capture them in silhouette. I’m still not sure if they are turkey buzzards or eagles. They soar like Eagles and nest in the tall trees in my field. They fascinate me because sometimes when I let Angel dog out in the back yard she seems to attract them. When they get close enough they see she’s well fed. ツ They fly by. ツ

Oklahoma tornado season

This is very common where I live. Especially living on a plain. You can see them coming like this! We are expecting storms this afternoon. I would rather see it coming than take cover. I know that sounds crazy but I’ve done this my entire life. I love to watch storms.

Reflections of my mind

Watching the stillness of the waters…quiets my mind.

Wisconsin tulips…Inspiration from my Uncle

From my Uncle Gunn! ~ღ~

And this too

This is my butterfly tree. It doesn’t have blooms yet because the leaves are just sprouting. I saw this usual light on this too! I stop for things like this, they always capture my attention. It’s hard to show just what I saw. It amazed me  ~ღ~

I saw this light

This is the same garden angel. I noticed this unusual light on her and was hoping I could capture it and I did. So interesting to me!  ~ღ~