should I grow silent…will you stay?

should I grow silent…will you stay? she asked my darling, he said…where else would I be but by your side so they loved in silence forever

we never know what lies in store

we never know what lies in store that’s what makes life MAGICAL* to me

let me pour my hope my love

let me pour my hope my love out for you so… you know deep in your heart You are Loved MichelleMarie

When we surrender to Love

When you surrender to Love You are surrendering to yourself Surrender your heart to Love I surrender I surrender I surrender all of me!

I Know I just do, more then you think

I Know I just do More then you think Some think I’m dingy So I just wink Blink them out of my mind Because really some folks Are blind to the hope that is staring  them right  in  the  eye

Friends are Angels that life us to our feet

Friends are Angels that lift us  to our feet when Our wings have trouble remembering  How to Fly

Will you sing to me by Belinda

I love your busy mind!  

You steal my words

You steal my words every jot~every tittle till there is nothing in the middle left for me yet still I drone and moan because I need my words they are mine and unless I give them to you they are not yours to steal, use, or manipulate you cannot throw them back at me You cannot take them You steal my words I am taking them back I was thinking today what would cause someone to copy, steal or try to possess their neighbors gifts and talents…it makes me sad when people… Read More

Today I present to the world my daughter~by my Pa

Today I present to the world my daughter She has eyes of blue and white golden hair. She’s ready in her little starched dress to begin her first day of school and I ask you old world be kind to her and treat her with care For she’s my daughter and has always been protected by me. It’s sad to think she will find other heros in the world besides me. Pa, I never did find a hero but you. You taught me how to be a fighter so I never looked to anyone… Read More