Perfect goodbye

I was thinking about how the sun is so shiny this time of year, somehow this made me think… if I had to say the perfect goodbye to an adventurous day it might look like this.

Seeds of Opportunities

Originally posted on Source of Inspiration:
There is no such thing as failure, bad marriages, wrong jobs, nor are there stupid people, impossible families, or hopeless situations. Ha! you say, You do not know my spouse, family, job! Yes, I do because I have been in failed relationships, jobs I hated, with people who bored me, situations that drove me to despair. After years of enduring, I finally learned that in every person, in every situation, there lies seeds of opportunities to learn, to grow, to become. It is my lack of…

Baby mocking bird

Just outside my bedroom window this little baby is learning to fly. The momma and dad have been keeping watch swooping down at anything that draws near, including me. 😂

Capture me

I noticed you from the doorway you seemed to say….capture me. So I did.

Wildflower art

So happy wildflower season is back. It’s always fun to watch them grow.


I was thinking of you 💜