I believe this is true. However, I like to be alone perhaps because I usually have a job where I manage a lot of pieces and interact with people. I gather joy from those connections. I’m really love meeting new people and discovering talents I had forgotten about or I had thought maybe I would not be using anymore. I love it when my memory reaches back and grabs a piece of knowledge, dusts it off and uses it. It make me feel like I’m a part of something great and I have no idea what it is. Each day is a surprise which I love unwrapping. Have a beautiful Thursday.🙋🏼‍♀️💜

Only Love

You said it’s, Only Love, and I thought to myself… Ya and to me that’s a big deal.
Have you ever wondered if someone loved you after they left?
Have you ever thought about someone and loved them from afar?
Don’t you want to look into someone’s eyes, after the years of loving have tried love, and found it present and true? I do!
I think sometimes it takes time to know and then maybe later,
when we are old, we’ll sit on the porch and watch the sun set and say…
It really is, Only Love, that carried us through, and It Is Everything…like that~ღ~,

Sometimes I see flowers in the flames

The longer I live
the more I see flowers
In everything
In flames
In clouds
In moments
each from a universe
moving in silence
spinning like pinwheels
kissing my spirit
gracing my soul

dancing in back of my mind
urging me forward like ballet
pieoettes gliding swans
I want to dance but not
watching the flames
look likes flowers
maybe I’m drunk on wine
maybe I’m dreaming
God I hope so

Sometimes I see flowers in flames