beauty blooming tree

I love that Spring is springing up everywhere! 😀 Happy Tuesday! Thank you Paul for the lovely photo!

Beautiful Surrender

Beautiful Surrender~I love this so much! This beautiful space Laurie has created for the heart that heals and need rest~<3 It's beautiful here! 😀

Let Love Carry Me ♥ I Surrender to Love

Let Love Carry Me ♥ I Surrender to Love

Some days you need a gentle sunset casually saying goodbye to the day! 💜

   💜I love it when that happens! 💜

I Surrender

I Surrender ッ inspired by Your inspiration…ッ

and…From the arms of Grace I knew

and… From the arms of Grace I knew that all suffering could cease if I could rest in this embrace if we trusted in this peace

Happy Spring


Purple splash of color for a Monday! 😀

Walking Through

walking through I love this!