My Pink friend…Hanging out with Elvis in Oklahoma…Love that

I found Elvis in Oklahoma at the mall. He sang to me about his Heartbreak Hotel and I thought he’d slip me the key to his room but Elvis, he just sang to me, that’s all. He stayed alive long enough to say, “What do you want with a mannequin anyway?” I replied, “I love […]

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Within My Heart

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Laurie's Notes

At a certain point,

turning back

wasn’t really an


Continuing to

push and try

to force any pieces

to fit at all

began to look

a little silly.

And so I vowed

to allow

myself to blend

a little more


with the quiet prayer

I held within

my heart.

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I wait

If I can make it through

This rough time

This time when you seem 

So distant 

I know to back away 

Pushing only drives you 

Further the other way

This fine line of knowing when

To stop and wait

It’s hard to hold all this love

It’s the love that gave me the

Strength to move mountains 

For you and because of you

Maybe this is what holds me

When I want so much to reach out 

For relief. 

Instead I will wait