Happy Wednesday

Just outside my back door. 💜 My entire view. 💜

Today I’m thankful for clouds

Today I’m thankful for clouds. They give up a respite from the hot summer heat. They provide us with cleansing rain drops. I love rain, I love Fall and Winter. Summer I’m breaking up with you!! 😊

Good morning world

Have a beautiful day! 🧡

Good morning! Happy Monday

Good morning! Happy Monday, orange sky.🧡

Good morning

I was up before dawn this morning, me and my dog watching for all the birds to wake up, and the bunnies to hop into the yard. I started a new job Monday, so I have less time and I’ve noticed my most important time of the day is my morning quiet time. Have a sweet, gentle, and blessed day. 💕

My Heart’s Desire💞 — Growing Up Sideways-please meet Nina Zain

https://videopress.com/embed/O2Zrg3b1?hd=0&autoPlay=0&permalink=0&loop=0 July 2, 2019 Happy New Moon Happy New Beginnings! With love and gratitude, Nina Zain 🙂 via My Heart’s Desire💞 — Growing Up Sideways Please meet Nina Zain, and visit her blog….Take a listen to her sweet poetry and sweet surprises await you. I promise ❤ Comments have been disabled so please visit her blog by Nina Zain.

yellow beauty — Paul Militaru ~ღ~

via yellow beauty — Paul Militaru Please visit Paul’s blog ^^^^^ for comments

Firefly Inspirations

Maybe it’s the twilight Maybe June & Summer fireflies I’ll never know why, I cannot stop Sitting & waiting for you First a hinted whisper like wind Oh, it’s nothing that I did To cause this flood of emotion And elation that you are still here No one knows & I’m not pretending No spaces, no blades of separation But me & you inspiration I live to meet you here

It was the…Poppies

It was the Poppies “You see sir I wasn’t looking for a wizard. I don’t believe!!! I was following the wildflowers… Sweet Poppies They caught my eye Me being shy I followed this road I was looking for something real The way he threw his voice double entendre like you how I like to laugh I got a little off, but now I see This road I have been traveling Has made me believe I already knew the truth inside me, I’m funny that way.”