Whoops-A-Daisy Wednesday

Whoops-A-Daisy Wednesday…sometimes I just feel like Daisies all day!


Worry not

Worry not. Last night we changed our scenery. This is my Alex. I said oh look the sun is setting it probably will be a good one. Alex asked me how I knew and I told her I like to always wait and see. She asked me what to do I said we are doing it. She said I feel like going outside and when I looked up she did this. Awe my mom heart needs this moment! 💜

Happy St. P Day

Happy St. P Day~Consider yourself pinched gently wink MichelleMarie 💚 I didn’t wear green I never follow the crowd, I wore orange, but I do love green shamrock cookies 💚 and these cute little green hearts 💚💚💚