Boo To You

Have a Boo-tastic Day Remember You are Boo-tiful ! Boo To You Sweet Friends  

Happy 🎃

Happy Halloween 🎃 

Happy Tuesday

Let’s have a gentle day! 

There’s a certain kind of sadness

There’s a certain kind of sadness It’s always there; perhaps maybe it’s not so much sadness but a tenderness. Feels like sadness that I’ve never really looked at it. Why sadness? Maybe there is always a sadness when I get right to the core of living. There’s peace, love, and kindness for oneself and also a sadness, a weary sadness for making it this far in the journey and not giving up. I think that’s a beautiful thing and for today it’s okay.

Inspiration from my Uncle

Stunning sunset from my sweet Uncle Gunn in Wisconsin. 

Happy Friday

Happy Friday. Too pretty not to share. Have a great weekend. 

You’re a rose

You’re a rose…don’t be with someone who’s afraid of your thorns and cracked places. I love you 



Happy Friday 

Happy Friday sweet friends 🤗