I Miss Our Reckless Days…

I’ve never not seen the STOP signs, but what if I did? Things might have been different.  Nevertheless, here I am. STOPPING and taking a rest! Maybe wishing I listened to that still small voice that told me to rest more. Nevertheless, here I am…:)

We’ve been Pink’n in Oklahoma

Meanwhile in Oklahoma…


JM has this amazing teal Christmas tree that needed our Pink touch. The sweetest part was that I got to meet her son and his sweet wife and JM’s so amazing Grandkids. They are precious and why not, because she is.

Mile and Cole placed all the ornaments, while we attached the hanger thingys. JM’s house is a showcase kinda place every time I visit she’s done more awesome things. We sat on the front porch and talked I can’t tell you how it feels to see her in Oklahoma permanently. I love how she pauses and takes it all in. I don’t think she realizes, I do that I notice her pause, because I love these NEW memories we are making!


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Thankfulness…Always thankful you are here

A compilation of my Thankful Art, because my heart is always thankful…Especially during this thankful holiday season.




I’ve been blogging for over 5 years so I have a collection of art I’ve created over the years.

Thank you for being here! ღ




ღh the joys of Christmas

I’m not quite sure what it is about Christmas that brings much joy
For some it brings sorrow, and for me, this warmth inside my heart
For all we’ve been through and for all we are going through
I’m thinking of holidays in a much different way ღ

One Creative Soul…Finding My Way to You!


I’m One Creative Soul…Finding My Way to You!
I’m full of dreams, full of buzzing dreams
On my knees…offering some semblance of solace
Pray your weary soul…Your soul to keep
All the miles and miles…those restless miles
When we gonna stop this running?
When we gonna break out new?
The sky looks down and says
Girl…What are you doing with this
One little chance to be free?
This one little chance to be YOU!
This one little chance to be alive?
I’m gonna be my gypsy wandering soul
Centered here in my heart
One Creative Soul…
Finding my way
To You!

Come find me…


Mel Robbins TEDx

At this point in my life I found it interesting that she was in my history and I had watched this almost to the end but I didn’t remember watching it. Now I know why. For me I’ve spent the last 17+ years switched on auto pilot everyday and highly functioning. Now that I’m out here in the abyss of joblessness I’m definitely in my, uncomfortable zone. I’m no longer on autopilot though, part of me misses cruising through life. I really want to do the next step, which for me has been resting until I’m ready. I haven’t taken a real vacation in so many years I’ve forgotten how many so I’m working on some books and things I really wanted to do but never had the time. I love that I have already listened to this and tonight I listened with different ears. I love it when that happens.