Reframing memories

dsc_0725 copy

Let us reframe your lose
the memory of your death
let us frame the laughter with
the tears and all the rest
It’s easy to focus on your missing
but when I think of the joy
that lives on in us
Your memory re-framed makes
me smile! Hi Pa!

Simple man


I’m just a simple man
nothing much matters to me
except this corner chest
inside a silver dollars from my dad
and this here leather chair
where I sit

I’m just a simple man
as long as I have food
and a roof over my head
life is good
today my breakfast tasted different
somedays it tastes great but not today

I’m just a simple man
he said not much matters
but the things that matter
today the simple man was sad
a foreboding sadness that dogs him
chases him down and sets upon him

I see the simple man
in his simplicity, in his sadness
I didn’t know it was that simple
Didn’t realize he was simple
Nothing is ever simple to me
except the simple man