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29° a frosty sunrise

I noticed some frost on the outside table, what lovely snowflake shapes. If it wasn’t so cold, I would have taken more photos.


Baby I always got one more time for you
Tell St. Peter, to hold those pearly gates
Tell all the angels, I won’t be visiting
I won’t go without knowing
That I’ve done all I can
Lifted you  …till you are sayin’
Maybe I should be listening
To the
Whispers & that …Still…Small…Voice

You know…It is Only Love…

You know it is only love
I find it really is everything?
When I think I finished or done
Love comes pushing though sends me
Back to this love and then I think
It’s all about Love…isn’t it?
You know it is only love?
Don’t you?
Sometimes I think it’s okay that I know
Maybe one day you will see this too

What does this…

And this

Have in common?

Hint…they both start with A. 😂

I have way too much time on my hands because I’m cooking and doing all these domestic things I never had time to do and I gotta say…this got me to laughing 😂

We are some high maintenance girls at this house. 💕😂

A Gift for You to Give

I thought you might like to give a card to a friend so I made this for you.
If you right click on your mouse or hold down on the image on your phone,
I’ve made it easy to copy these so you can use them.
My way of saying, “Thank You for Being Here.” Below are some more images for you
to copy and use as a gift from me to you, to whomever you wish to share!




Do you feel sometimes

Do you feel sometimes we are like two parallel hearts in different lands?

I was listening to this song by Kirtana, I said that I would sing. Got me to thinking about my mission here on earth 💕

I Miss Our Reckless Days…

I’ve never not seen the STOP signs, but what if I did? Things might have been different.  Nevertheless, here I am. STOPPING and taking a rest! Maybe wishing I listened to that still small voice that told me to rest more. Nevertheless, here I am…:)

We’ve been Pink’n in Oklahoma

Meanwhile in Oklahoma…


JM has this amazing teal Christmas tree that needed our Pink touch. The sweetest part was that I got to meet her son and his sweet wife and JM’s so amazing Grandkids. They are precious and why not, because she is.

Mile and Cole placed all the ornaments, while we attached the hanger thingys. JM’s house is a showcase kinda place every time I visit she’s done more awesome things. We sat on the front porch and talked I can’t tell you how it feels to see her in Oklahoma permanently. I love how she pauses and takes it all in. I don’t think she realizes, I do that I notice her pause, because I love these NEW memories we are making!


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Another view

This is the entire view. It was pretty cloudy but I could still get a few shots.

I love the glare the clouds created so the moon shows up better. 🙂

Thanksgiving Full Moon

Beautiful Moon last night. Hope everyone had a good one. Mine was quiet! 🙂

Thankfulness…Always thankful you are here

A compilation of my Thankful Art, because my heart is always thankful…Especially during this thankful holiday season.




I’ve been blogging for over 5 years so I have a collection of art I’ve created over the years.

Thank you for being here! ღ




ღh the joys of Christmas

I’m not quite sure what it is about Christmas that brings much joy
For some it brings sorrow, and for me, this warmth inside my heart
For all we’ve been through and for all we are going through
I’m thinking of holidays in a much different way ღ

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