Turquoise Rose

Her name was Turquoise Rose
I watched as she danced to Spanish Eyes
her eyes so blue they could melt paint…
I know because they melted my heart
and turned it upside down
I’ve never been the same

I never want to,” He said. 

I’ll leave the light on for you

In the deepest deep of my heart I will let go
but..please know I really tried to roll that stone away for you
but you held on as if for dear life, you wouldn’t let go so…
so I did…not completely

I’ll leave the light on for you…should you need me
follow the light home

Crazy Sue and Gypsy Daisy

Crazy Sue & Gypsy Daisy
became good friends
and sometimes maybe
they sit & talk about
nothing at all

Said Crazy Sue to Gypsy Daisy,
“Did you know there’s a Gypsy song?”
Gypsy Daisy laughed and said
“Ya, but why don’t you play it for me.”

Crazy Sue closed her eyes
tears did flow
she sang of wrongs
stars & even so
they all tried to love her
she would fight
not once did she give
a second thought
to fools that didn’t
hold her heart tight
even so she cried…
so did Gypsy Daisy

Everybody have you heard the Mockingbirds are back?

This sweet little baby is outside my window in the rose bushes chirping and calling for his momma. Momma is a tough bird, she flew over to him, fed him and put her head down and pushed him and he fluttered his wings. Thus begins learning how to fly.
Being a momma isn’t easy, it’s hard to know sometimes when to push and when to let them fend for themselves, it’s a tricky thing. I wish I was more like this momma bird.

This is the second baby it’s on the outside of the bushes so it’s hard to get a good clear photo of it. I have a front row seat from my window. Something interesting, I cut my rose bushes back this year so I wouldn’t have babies, but it seems they found the one place I didn’t prune. The momma knows I’m there because she came up to my window looked right at me and made the noise she makes to warn me. 🙂 I smiled and decided to leave her to her mothering. 🙂 Happy Saturday, may it be a chipper and chirpy as mine. Ha

Happy Friday-Happy Day-Forget-Me-Not

Happy Friday Sweet Friends to You

Oh Happy Day to You…Do you feel it? Deep inside your soul? I feel sometimes I’m so Happy and it’s nothing that happened to make me so…I’m just happy all by myself…Forget-Me-Not Sweet Soul

I felt you might need some sweetness today ~ღ~

June 17, 2019 Strawberry Moon

Due to all the storms I struggled to get a decent shot with the clouds I had to focus right on the moon then I lost the clouds. See blow my attempts.

My view from the back porch. No stars were present due to the clouds of course.

Not sure why this is called a Strawberry Moon, it’s more golden I think.



Have you ever felt like you have been pruned by The Master Gardener? All the dead stuff cut away, or perhaps the not so fruity parts of your life pruned and cut away so they can bare more fruit ? Well I have and so has my garden! I was thinking today how sometimes we have to cut away what seems to the eye a good product but pruning allows for newness to grow and everything looks different and feels different because it is.

My butterfly bushes are going crazy this year. I really cut them back and they are blooming out of their spaces this year. 🦋 Come on butterflies. 🦋💜 I’m hoping for the same in my life. 🙏🏼