Tell Me About It

I saw you dancing

I saw you dancing
I reached out to catch you
You were moving so quick
You never caught my hand
Reaching out out for you

I’m the butterflies
You asked to come
I’m the wind
The sweet breeze
that kisses your face

Slow down sweet sister


After all these year… Words fail me

How can I carve your name
On the trunk of this tree?
That will be here…after

I can’t even write it

With no one listening…
Not even myself
I whisper these words
It’s all I can do


After all these years
Look at me here
Got this love song stuck
in my throat…

The weight of the world
on my shoulders
I can’t let go

Words fail me

None of this makes sense
Except maybe to you
I try to share…

Words fail me

I hate love songs
You wonder why
Words fail me

Sometimes they do

A quiet hush…Good morning wish whispers

There’s a quiet hush over this land
Little white flowers carry
Good morning wish whispers
On a sweet Summer breeze

Where wildflowers go

I asked the moon tonight
As it raised up in the sky
Where did all my wildflowers go?
Then this hay bale caught my eye
You see, he said… it is harvest
And plenty on this land
Grows many beautiful wildflowers
I know you understand
Each year during harvest
We bid a sweet goodbye
And in no time it’s for certain
They bring food on winter’s night
Good bye sweet little wildflowers
Good bye dandelions
Good bye little memories
Good bye with a smile

These crazy BEEs

I went outside to water, and literally over 100 bumble bees came flying out of my bushes and tree. I’m allergic to them… why I want to tempt fate, I have no idea!  So, I grabbed my camera because that’s what every one does, right?

Butterfly or Moth who knows?

Butterfly or Moth?
You had me chasing you, wondering
Up close I have to see
This mystery and it’s plain to me
How you captivate my eyes
With you tiny little soul
Then you flutter fly
Off to places
I’ll never really know
You leave a smile on my face
And a sweet breeze that soothes my soul

Butterfly or Moth… who knows

Good morning sweet one



There beyond the fences…I saw you waiting

There beyond the fences…I saw you waiting
All I wanted to do was forget
And you catch my attention
I went beyond the fence and I saw
Such beauty hidden in sacred places
I think life is a lot like this

Lavender skies and pink clouds

Lavender sky and pink clouds, we float like a prayer in dawn’s beautiful gentle grace~ღ~

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