Where Christmas Hides…

I’m quiet certain this is where Christmas Hides
When it wants to be found by seeking eyes
I’m quiet sure you see, sometimes I am blind
To the light that is around me
All it takes is one to say…”Oh look this is…”
Where Christmas Hides

I laugh to myself

“Oh ya there it is!”


My heart goes out to you

My Heart~ღ~My Heart
goes out to You
There are no words
I can say
That could take your pain away
My Heart~ღ~My Heart
goes out to You

For my sweet dear friend Paul~ღ~Sending my love and prayers to you

Life in Pieces

I laid my life’s pieces at the feet of the puzzle master
She picked them up and held them…
dusted them off…
loved them…
like magic…
the pieces fell into place
I’ve never been the same
I never want to be~ღ