Tell Me About It

Happy Wednesday

Just outside my back door. 💜

My entire view. 💜

Today I’m thankful for clouds

Today I’m thankful for clouds. They give up a respite from the hot summer heat. They provide us with cleansing rain drops. I love rain, I love Fall and Winter. Summer I’m breaking up with you!! 😊

Mockingbirds will sing for you

Please, won’t you, tell me a story
Oklahoma dust in your eyes
Please, won’t you speak of the glory
Hidden beyond
How little we knew of it
Mockingbirds will sing for you
Your song at dawn’s view
I hear them all through the night
You changed a piece of my life
Mockingbird sing me a tune
I was thinking about you and how
You changed a piece of my life


Good morning world

Have a beautiful day! 🧡

The Magic of Morning Dew

Photo by MichelleMarie


August 6, 2019 Birthday Moon

August 6, 2019 – Birthday Moon
I was thinking tonight, as I was shooting the moon,
all my friends and family see this very same moon. I hope you like this August 6, 2019, birthday moon shot by me…oh yes and God, He put it there.

I had the most awesome day today. Feeling Blessed. 🙂

Good morning! Happy Monday

Good morning! Happy Monday, orange sky.🧡

Childhood is but a whisper

Childhood is but a whisper
I turned around and you are grown
part of me grew with you
part of me misses you child
part of me wants to go back
part of me wants to run
part of me wants to tell
the other parts of me
that your childhood was….it was a whisper
I’m sitting with that today
letting it sink in! 
Childhood is but a whisper

Lost in a world of words

Along the streams, the Stoney brook
Took me to the other side
Reality, yet a fantasy
I hurry deep inside

Your words they seem to capture
They memorize me so
They show me that my world
It is little, just…  And so

I get tired
My head gets full
I stop reading

I think I have gathered enough words, to last me a lifetime… Peace


Disclaimer: This is not about anyone particular person, but more about the state of my mind that gets full of words. It’s hard for me to sort it all sometimes. So I get lost in art and such. Just so you know…I never tire of reading just, processing so much. ❤


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