Whatcha doing?

Alex: Whatcha doing?

Me: Making a pie

Alex: What? You don’t make things? Haha.
You don’t make desserts ever did you find it on Pinterest?
Can I eat it? 

Me: No I made it in Illustrator

Alex: I thought you meant a real pie. 😀




Adobe Illustrations my way

I’ve been brushing up on my drawing skills using Adobe Illustrator taking a few online classes. I had to dress up my building because as you know I like to color outside the lines and be my own kind of creative. I think I’ll give myself an A++. ღ

Below is a screen shot of what they asked for but I thought it needed some ❀ pizzaz ❀


Baby don’t you realize…

Baby don’t you realize

I can change the color of the sky?

I don’t even have to try…

I don’t know why

I’m just magic that way. MM

Have a gentle Sunday

Butterflies have been visiting my butterfly bushes and tree like crazy. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m nuts with my camera chasing them 😂🦋💜

This Moon

I don’t think I’ll get over the moon
Only because it holds me still
In this timelessness
For relief and yet I still
myself because even
those that think they understand
really don’t
No one can know your sorrow
till you sing the song of it
to the solitary soul that waits
to hear it.
Maybe then I grow from it
a shared camaraderie
words not spoken but to this moon
that holds me still.


Somewhere over this moon…

So much blackness but the moon light is what I focus on…maybe this is indicative of my life…
We look for the light when darkness overcomes us. I think so it’s like that for me.
Always looking for the slightest light in my darkest night of my soul times.