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One Remarkable Storm

Even though the storm feels over
I don’t ever mind the rain…
Or the stain
I don’t want to be the same

So what if there’s a stain
One remarkable storm
Soaked to the bone

This is worth it to me…
I’m no saint, but honestly
Can I be transformed?

Hearts are weather makers…
Have you heard
Salvation comes in the morning?

Baptized by truth
I have reaped what I’ve sown
It was worth it to me

It’s weird that I feel this way
I thought it would be more quiet
Instead of quaking…this aching


One remarkable storm

Yellow caught my eye 💛

These sweet little yellow pansies caught my eye on my way back from lunch. I hope they make you smile 😊💛

Happy Friday

Happy Friday from Micki’s cafe’ where you can have all the extra whipped you want. 😂😊😋

Think big baby…2020

I think…there’s always
Something more
I think A BIG SO…something
Cause, we all have wings
It’s 2020, I’m flying
Let’s FLY Baby

Can I live with this? I can.

I never dreamed flying would be like this…

MichelleMarie’s Best of 2019

Do you ever wonder why I share these awesome sunrises? I purposed in my heart to
take the most awesome sunsets and sunrises. I plan them. Every morning I awake at dawn,
I wait to see the horizon…maybe a shooting star or cluster of awesomeness. I wait.
I’m really patient like that. It’s not about anything human. I think of that sweet moment
between me and my Pa and he pointed to the sunset.

This was taken two weeks before he passed. I wish I had known then it would be the last photo I took of him. I would have taken more.

My awesome MAC home work station, it was easy for me to see my most
AWESOME 2019 Oklahoma sunrise and moment, it’s all about the light in those you Love.
For me. Happy 2020 sweet friends. MM

My 2019 On Repeat Spotify playlist

Spotify made this 2019 ON REPEAT playlist of songs for me. I continually listen to the same songs till they do their work. I’ve always been a music person and I use it when I’m creating to stay in my creative space…However this year has been different for me. I’m hoping on the eve of 2021, my ON REPEAT playlist is ROCKING… BUT knowing me it will be about how the sweetness of love pulled me deeper. I’m okay with that. 🥳🤩

Blessings to you in 2020. BIG Hugs and MUCH…MUCH LOVE TO YOU!


Memories hold you

Memories hold you

Thoughts of you unfold me

I can still hear your voice

What about me, where will I go?

I can’t remember my response

I knew at that moment as

Your word nestled inside my heart

Christmas never comes without

Stirring up your words

I love how memories hold you

The sweetness of the bittersweet

Thoughts of you like that

Micki’s mocha latte

My favorite part of Sunday morning. Micki’s mocha latte w/extra whipped because I can.

Have a gentle Sunday! 🧡

Whispered prayer just before dawn


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