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Words of Amber

Amber art

Art by MichelleMarie

Words of Amber
burn within my heart
this is their home
this is the part
I want to give
but I hold them close
Far too often I offer freely
these precious words then
I realize I need them most
My desire to share
To be known
Led me here
Looking for a home
for my
Words of Amber

Friday tea bag wisdom

Good morning 💜 Happy Friday! 💜

Autumn umbrellas

I took a beautiful walk during my lunch hour yesterday. So happy to see the trees put in their autumn dresses. 🍁💛🧡

I love that all the colors are here green 💚 yellow 💛 and my favorite 🧡 All in the same tree. Makes me smile.

Evidence of Autumn

My favorite time of year! 🍁

I love the reds! ❤️🧡

When you are looking for a safe place to land

When you’re looking for a soft place to land

A safe place to rest your heart

As the song plays… softly as you go

I look back once more…I realize

I can be my own soft place to land

so I do

I love seasons…& I love winter

Art by MichelleMarie

I  ❤ Winter

P.S. I heard Christmas music at lunch today and I thought to myself…OMG I’m not over summer
but I guess it’s over me…so I better get myself ready.

To my broken tribe…Lost in sadness

Broken Tribe art by MichelleMarie

“Why am I so sad,” she asked?
This is to my broken tribe of loved ones, those I hold dear, those I sit with as they cry~with no answers but to offer a word of comfort. What do you say to the broken one who comes from years of emotional abuse? What do you say to the one who has been suddenly left without a trace of love? What do you say to her when her beloved dies, leaving them to pick up the pieces? How do you help someone that is lost in sadness? Lost in the past and the memories and thoughts that play over and over in her mind, tormenting her soul? I’m not sure if there is anything I can say to make it better. All I know to do is tarry with you as you find your way back to wholeness. Someone did this for me and I’m forever grateful she reached out her hand and held this beautiful space of healing for me. 

To my broken tribe of sweet sad hearts, I offer my hand and this space to you. I’m here, you know how to find me. 

Sunday Dew

Happy Sunday ~💛~ Dew covers everything and looks like diamonds, to me…~ ღ~



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