Tell Me About It


Art by MichelleMarie

I know we are supposed to forgive those who do me wrong, but sometimes it’s the hardest thing to do. 🧡


Art by MichelleMarie

ღ I told you this so that My Joy…may be in you and that your Joy may BE complete! Thank you for Joy Father! ღ 🙏🏼

Hello?? Anyone want to play with me?

Photo by MichelleMarie
Photo by MichelleMarie

Princess Penelope looking for someone to play with on this lazy Sunday fun day. 🧡🤍


Art by MichelleMarie

Trusting when things don’t make sense is hard, but for me the only way to be. 💜

She blooms

Angel’s California Sunset Rose by MichelleMarie

She blooms! My newest most precious rose bush, from my cousin Jo. She sent it to me after my sweet Angel passed away. 💛🧡 thank you Jo, she’s beautiful. 💛

Oklahoma mornings

Hi!!! 💕

Last time I say sorry…

When you’re #1 song on your playlist, is the same on your girl’s.

Tell me about Beauti…MichelleMarie

Whispers and winds, waiting for the next inspiration
I know you never really thought about it
Till now, please tell me about Beauti…
Tell me it’s real, tell me about it MichelleMarie
What do you see?
What do you feel?
Now, that’s it’s real?
It’s over as it begins, do you sink or swin?
I know you never thought about it
Tell me about it MichelleMarie when you can…

Somebody might like pizza

Please 😂

It’s official I love pizza and KK does not. Yes!!!

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