To my broken tribe…Lost in sadness

Broken Tribe art by MichelleMarie

“Why am I so sad,” she asked?
This is to my broken tribe of loved ones, those I hold dear, those I sit with as they cry~with no answers but to offer a word of comfort. What do you say to the broken one who comes from years of emotional abuse? What do you say to the one who has been suddenly left without a trace of love? What do you say to her when her beloved dies, leaving them to pick up the pieces? How do you help someone that is lost in sadness? Lost in the past and the memories and thoughts that play over and over in her mind, tormenting her soul? I’m not sure if there is anything I can say to make it better. All I know to do is tarry with you as you find your way back to wholeness. Someone did this for me and I’m forever grateful she reached out her hand and held this beautiful space of healing for me. 

To my broken tribe of sweet sad hearts, I offer my hand and this space to you. I’m here, you know how to find me. 

I’m just a simple man


      • I’m just a simple man

nothing much matters to me

except for this corner chest

inside a silver dollar from my dad

and this here leather chair

where I sit

      • I’m just a simple man

as long as I have food

and a roof over my head

life is good

today my breakfast tasted different

somedays it tastes great but not today

      • I’m just a simple man

he said not much matters

but the things that matter

today the simple man was sad

a foreboding sadness that dogs him

chases him down and sets upon him

      • I see the simple man

in his simplicity, in his sadness

I didn’t know it was that simple

Didn’t realize he was simple

Nothing is ever simple to me

except the simple man