Beautiful dawn… out my back door

Good morning beautiful ♡ This is looking East. No filters or editing This is looking SE. No filters or editing

Evidence of snow

It rarely snows here anymore I find myself waiting like a child For a snow day I don’t need But my heart would so gladly take I love the idea of chasing snowflakes And watching them land I love warm hot cocoa And warming my hands by the fire… It rarely snow here anymore

I pray for you & for me and

My prayer garden angel always catches my attention in all kinds of weather~ღ~

I love Snow

Sometimes me and Angel like to go outside just to watch it snow. She’s so cute all covered in snow! I had this thought about snowflakes as I watched them fall in big groups… I wonder if snowflakes have snowflakes friends and they all get together to float and flutter down, just to make folks like me look up and remember all the magical moments in life.

I was thinking…Maybe…We just Grow on From Here

I was thinking… Maybe We just Grow on From Here

Happy Monday

Good morning beautiful day, it’s 33° F. I’m enjoying an extra large Mocha Latte’. It’s going to be a beautiful day I just know it. 🧡

Super Blood Moon Eclipse Jan. 20, 2019

It was super cold tonight…this is what I got before I got too cold. Good Night Moon! Good Night All!

Chocolates for Breakfast


Have a Happy Day