BB & I had a few visitors today


Ezra and my mom came to visit BB today. Ezra stayed behind to play with his new friend Kayden. Let me tell you about my best friend! That’s what BB said when she saw this photo.


Aunt Micki do you think we can push this?


Yes I think they can!


I taught them how to skip rocks.



Aunt Micki did you know that farmers do this… chew on wheat? I do now. I tell you what I found out so many things I didn’t know. Boys are explorers and very daring. I really love that. I needed me some Ezra fun time.




It kinda hard to be serious when fun is happening around you!

Sometimes she smokes & spits


Sometimes she smokes & spits
I think it’s funny when she cusses
She gets angry  about double standards
She talks 90 miles an hour
Walks with a purpose
Never stops to say excuse me
She just walks around and keeps going
Sometimes she smokes & spits
I asked her once why she spits 
She said sometimes I get angry
So angry I just spit
My Pa he said well spitting
is better than hitting so maybe
it’s okay to spit…and the smoking
It just another way to blow off steam
Sometimes she smoke & spits