My late blooming Crepe Myrtle

My crepe myrtles bloomed late this year. I’m happy for that because I was able to get some photos. I completely missed summer this year, because of my injury. I’m happy to say today makes the 2nd full week I’ve worked at the office, since April 5. This healing business isn’t easy. Happy Friday. Happy weekend to you sweet friends! ❤

This Bliss

This Bliss if I had to show you how This Bliss feels to me It is full of swirls and flowers and silly things They fly all over the page and make me smile! I hope you feel your Bliss and if you don’t I hope you can feel This Bliss too! ❤

Exhale…it’s Friday

Exhale…it’s Friday   This is what my Exhale feels like…I hope you catch my drift! ❤

Setting sun upon my soul

Setting sun upon my soul I rest in thee Let me forever know This quenching love That mends my heart and heals my soul

tranquil rain drops

tranquil rain drops… splash about my soul

Let’s be Sunflowers…shall we?

Let’s be Sunflowers…shall we?

My morning view

My morning view. Thinking of you!

Ever So Lightly

Originally posted on Laurie's Notes:
I began to listen to the silence and to the music of life — of notes and pauses — finding refuge in the silent spaces and comfort in words that flowed out if I was patient to wait my turn — holding and letting go ever so lightly — in-between.

Sweet sun send me the moon 

Sweet sun send me the moon  Send it here soon