Goodbye best friend

My Angel

Let me tell you about my best friend. She was gentle, soft and funny. She loved blankets, smelling for bunnies, talking walks and porch sitting. Angel started having seizures today so I had to have her put to sleep. She was 16, and lived a very long life. Alex drove me there and waited. Evidence of her all around me, pieces of her in my heart always 🙏🏼❤️

105 in people years

15 x 7 = 105 years old, my Angel dog. She used to run, now we sounder. She still gets so excited when we wander in the tall grass, she smells for bunnies just like she did when she was young. Now we watch them when she sees them. She’s fell once and hurt her knee and be both recovered together from our broken parts. 😊 Such a sweetness when I think about how her sweet feet have wandered. She makes me smile.

Angel & the Bunny


This is how I know Spring is here. This Bunny, we call her Bunny because she’s so sweet and she is friendly and doesn’t run. Angel is used to seeing them but sometimes she forgets and chases them. Tonight she headed off up the hill smelling everywhere, she saw one here last night so she never forgets when Bunnies are involved. Bunny saw us and she didn’t move, I thought surely when we got close she would run, but she didn’t. I was so excited, Angel was excited and I’m shocked more by the fact that I had my iPhone and took somewhat of a photo. I’m happy Bunny was trusting and stood still. I was proud of Angel she didn’t chase Bunny. I knew she wouldn’t because Bunny didn’t run! Below is Angel watching Bunny!


I realize Angel look like a small bear! She’s a little fluffy from Winter! I think Bunny looks extra fluffy. Maybe baby Bunnies will be along soon! The front part of my neighborhood has tons of Bunnies. They live in the shrubs in the front yards and people feed them so it’s really neat! Angel is extra happy for her walks! 😀 Yay for Bunnies!