That’s something about Iris I’ll never forget

She grew up tall and strong with barely any dirt around her. When the old oak fall she was still standing~That’s something about Iris I’ll never forget

Lest I should forget, I will write it on my heart

Lest I should forget, I will write it on my heart Make a Wish Count Your Blessings Follow Your Heart Believe in Magic Repeat…oh yes Lest I should forget, I will write it on my heart

Wisconsin Sunrise Inspiration from my Uncle

I love when inspiration come from all areas of my life! This is from my sweet Uncle Gunn. He’s always sending me photos of his beautiful Wisconsin sky and his fun backyard friends.  

Surround me with Love

Surround me with Love ❤️ 

I always remember…

I always remember no matter what…. This sign is on my desk I always surround myself with positive words. I always remember this and you should too. 💕

Grace + Love = Graceful Love

Grace + Love = Graceful Love

Ruffled feathers

Ruffled feathers…

Your words quiet my soul

Your words quiet my soul Like whispers penned by quill & ink drops

In This Moment and the Next

Originally posted on Laurie's Notes:
Sometimes prayers become wordless — when there are a million words in the heart, but not one to match the rawness of emotion felt. And so I offer my deepest silent prayer to the place of peace in us all in this moment and the next. And I honor our steps as we find our way. Amen